ds.vectorCalc {dsBaseClient}R Documentation

Performs a mathematical operation on two or more vectors


Carries out a row-wise operation on two or more vector. The function calls no server side function; it uses the R operation symbols built in DataSHIELD.


ds.vectorCalc(x = NULL, calc = NULL, newobj = NULL, datasources = NULL)



a vector of characters, the names of the vectors to include in the operation.


a character, a symbol that indicates the mathematical operation to carry out: '+' for addition, '/' for division, *' for multiplication and '-' for subtraction.


the name of the output object. By default the name is 'vectorcalc.newobj'.


a list of DSConnection-class objects obtained after login. If the <datasources> the default set of connections will be used: see datashield.connections_default.


In DataSHIELD it is possible to perform an operation on vectors by just using the relevant R symbols (e.g. '+' for addtion, '*' for multiplication, '-' for substraction and '/' for division). This might however be inconvenient if the number of vectors to include in the operation is large. This function takes the names of two or more vectors and performs the desired operation which could be an addition, a multiplication, a substraction or a division. If one or more vectors have a missing value at any one entry (i.e. observation), the operation returns a missing value ('NA') for that entry; the output vectors has, hence the same length as the input vectors.


no data are returned to user, the output vector is stored on the server side.


Gaye, A.


## Not run: 

  # load the file that contains the login details

  # login and assign the required variables to R
  myvar <- list('LAB_TSC','LAB_HDL')
  conns <- datashield.login(logins=logindata,assign=TRUE,variables=myvar)

  # performs an addtion of 'LAB_TSC' and 'LAB_HDL'
  myvectors <- c('D$LAB_TSC', 'D$LAB_HDL')
  ds.vectorCalc(x=myvectors, calc='+')

  # clear the Datashield R sessions and logout

## End(Not run)

[Package dsBaseClient version 6.3.0 ]