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Secure ranking of "V2BR" (vector to be ranked) across all sources


Creates a minimum value that is more negative, and less positive than any real value in V2BR and a maximum value that is more positive and less negative than any value of V2BR.





a character string specifying the name of V2BR. This argument is set by the argument with the same name in the clientside function ds.ranksSecure


Severside aggregate function called by ds.ranksSecure. The minimum and maximum values it creates are used to replace missing values (NAs) in V2BR if the argument <NA.manag>e is set to "NA.low" or "NA.hi" respectively. For more details about the cluster of functions that collectively enable secure global ranking and estimation of global quantiles see the associated document entitled "secure.global.ranking.docx". Also see the header file for ds.ranksSecure


the data frame objects containing the global ranks and quantiles. For more details see the associated document entitled "secure.global.ranking.docx"


Paul Burton 9th November, 2021

[Package dsBase version 6.2.0 ]