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summarize a glm object on the serverside


summarize a glm object on the serverside to create a summary_glm object. Also identify and return components of both the glm object and the summary_glm object that can safely be sent to the clientside without a risk of disclosure




a character string specifying the name of the glm object on the serverside that is to be summarised. This is specified by argument in ds.glmSummary


Serverside assign function called by ds.glmSummary summarises a glm object that has already been created on the serverside by fitting ds.glmSLMA and writes the summary_glm object to the serverside. For further details see help for ds.glmSLMA and help in native R for glm() and summary.glm


writes object to serverside which is precisely equivalent to summary(glm object) in native R


Paul Burton for DataSHIELD Development Team (20/7/20)

[Package dsBase version 6.3.0 ]