boxPlotGGDS {dsBase}R Documentation

Create the identity stats and necessary data to draw a plot on the client


In order to create a non disclosive box plot, the data that is passed to the client is purely geometrical aspects of the plot, as a ggplot object contains all the data inside, only the graphical parameters are passed. There are three different cases depending if there are grouping variables. The outliers are also removed from the graphical parameters.


boxPlotGGDS(data_table, group = NULL, group2 = NULL)



data frame Table that holds the information to be plotted, arranged as:

Column 'x': Names on the X axis of the boxplot, aka variables to plot
Column 'value': Values for that variable (raw data of columns rbinded)
Column 'group': (Optional) Values of the grouping variable
Column 'group2': (Optional) Values of the second grouping variable


character (default NULL) Name of the first grouping variable.


character (default NULL) Name of the second grouping variable.


list with:
-data frame Geometrical parameters (identity stats of ggplot)
-character Type of plot (single_group, double_group or no_group)

[Package dsBase version 6.3.0 ]