asDataMatrixDS {dsBase}R Documentation

asDataMatrixDS a serverside assign function called by ds.asDataMatrix


Coerces an R object into a matrix maintaining original class for all columns in data.frames.




the name of the input object to be coerced to class data.matrix. Must be specified in inverted commas. But this argument is usually specified directly by <> argument of the clientside function ds.asDataMatrix


This assign function is based on the native R function data.matrix If applied to a data.frame, the native R function as.matrix coverts all columns into character class. In contrast, if applied to a data.frame the native R function data.matrix converts the data.frame to a matrix but maintains all data columns in their original class


the object specified by the <newobj> argument (or its default name "asdatamatrix.newobj") which is written to the serverside. For further details see help on the clientside function ds.asDataMatrix


Paul Burton for DataSHIELD Development Team

[Package dsBase version 6.3.0 ]