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Quick Start

Client side install:

# Install all DataSHIELD packages
install.packages('datashieldclient', repos=c(getOption('repos'), ''), dependencies=TRUE)

Server side install:

# Install opaladmin package
install.packages('opaladmin', repos=c(getOption('repos'), ''), dependencies=TRUE)

# Login in Opal
o<-opal.login('dsadmin', 'password', 'https://some-opal-host:8443')

# Install all DataSHIELD packages and dependencies on R server
dsadmin.install_package(o, 'datashield')


See detailed usage documentation for users, administrators and developers:

DataSHIELD Usage Documentation

See also packages detailed documentation:

DataSHIELD Packages Documentation


List of the packages available:

DataSHIELD Packages Listing